Make the most of your personalized plan

Make the most of your personalized plan

Make the most of your personalized plan

Knowing your nutritional needs is just the beginning. Once you’ve received your personalized Purely For You recommendations, you may want to connect with a nutritional expert to further discuss your results. That’s why we’ve partnered with Nutrimedy to bring you virtual nutritional support and advice from qualified healthcare professionals.

From everyday health needs to complex care, Nutrimedy’s team of Registered Dietitians can provide you with nutritional support right in the comfort of your home.

Talk with Nutrimedy’s team of experts

Talk with Nutrimedy’s team of experts

Nutrimedy’s team of registered dietitians are trained in a multitude of health needs, with years of education, clinical experience, and exam-based credentials.

Get support for a variety of needs including: metabolic health, digestive health, and immune health as well as general nutrition and many more.


All registered dietitians are:

  • Experts in Nutrition Sciences
    Experts in Nutrition Sciences
  • Nationally Registered
    Nationally Registered
  • Licensed Professionals
    Licensed Professionals
How to Get Started

How to Get Started

If you have an existing Nutrimedy account, get started here.

  1. Create a patient account by going to https://web.nutrimedy.com
  2. Once you verify your email, enter PURE as the ‘Organization Sponsoring The Benefit’ and 777464 as the ‘Activation Code’.
  3. Fill out your profile and schedule an appointment for a virtual visit with a Registered Dietitian. Use discount code PUREcap20 to receive 20% off your first appointment.
  4. After completing your appointment, your Dietitian will provide you with personalized product recommendations and an access code for purchasing Pure Encapsulations® products
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