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Sustainable Goodness

We're on the way to being fully recyclable by 2025.

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Our commitment began with a pure purpose to improve the wellness of others.

Today, this heartfelt commitment extends to the planet: We’re striving for fully recyclable by 2025 and for zero net greenhouse emissions by 2050.

Join us on our sustainable journey by registering and recycling with TerraCycle®.

It's our planet.
Together, our future is green.

Our Vision

Champion a green future that comes from what we produce and what we stand for as a company.

Our Mission

Achieve our goal of becoming a market leader, while becoming known for sustainable processes that are making a quantified impact on the environment.

Our Recycling Efforts

Zero Waste Box

In our offices, our employees use the All-In-One recycling system: The Zero Waste Box™. Stuff that can't be traditionally recycled goes in there, starting with coffee pods. It's a great office and home solution!

Our challenge was earth-sized.
Our green solution meets it.

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Bottle by bottle, we're on the way to a greener planet. Thanks to our new recycling partnership with TerraCycle®, those hard-to-recycle packaging items are now recyclable.

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TerraCycle® Wants You to #RecycleEverything

Recycling with TerraCycle® is easy and FREE! Find out how:

Our Sustainability Goals by 2025

Fully recyclable

Reduction of GHG emissions up to 20%

Reduction of virgin plastic packaging use by 33%

Together, let’s reimagine recycling