Sustainable Goodness

At Pure Encapsulations®, we are committed to doing business in a way that improves the wellness of others and the planet. Learn more about our commitments and current achievements.
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Our commitment began with a pure purpose, to improve the wellness of others.

Today, this heartfelt commitment extends to the planet. We’re striving for recyclable packaging by 2025 and for 100% net zero greenhouse gas (also known as GHGs) emissions by 2050.

It's our planet.
Together, our future is green.

Our Vision

Champion a sustainable future by following through on our green initiatives with measurable action that creates positive results for the planet.

Our Mission

Achieve our goal of becoming known as a market leader that values sustainable processes and makes a quantifiable positive impact on the environment.

Our Sustainability Goals by 2025


Reduction of GHG emissions up to 20%

Reduction of virgin plastic packaging use by 1/3

100% Renewable electricity

The TerraCycle® Recycling Program

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Bottle by bottle, we're on the way to a more sustainable planet. Thanks to our recycling program with TerraCycle®, those hard-to-recycle packaging items can now be recycled.

Join our sustainable journey by registering and recycling with TerraCycle®.
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#Recycling with TerraCycle® - It's easy and FREE!

About TerraCycle®

TerraCycle® has discovered that nearly everything we touch could be collected and recycled. Their easy-to-follow programs allow consumers to recycle hard-to-recycle items like our bottle closures, inner seals, desiccants, plastic scoops, liquid droppers, sachets and blister packs. Together, we can help eliminate the idea of waste through this innovative, national recycling program.

MILLIONS of items have been diverted from landfills all over the world and recycled thanks to TerraCycle®.

So Far...

Millions of people around the world have helped to collect and recycle material waste and raised money for charities through TerraCycle’s recycling programs.

Join us on our sustainable journey by registering and recycling with TerraCycle®