Enjoy a Healthy Holiday Season: Sleep Supplements to Support Occasional Holiday Stress‡

Holidays can get hectic, but that is the fun of being with the ones you love. It is important to ensure you are getting the quality sleep you need to refresh and restore your health and well-being. This blog will explore ways to prepare for the holidays with supplements to support healthy sleep and your overall health.

Family Time, Great Memories

Most people say one of the most wonderful times of the year is the holiday season. Whatever holiday you celebrate, you know it brings our families, friends and loved ones closer. I am sure you too can see among the hustle and bustle of the crowds that the air is filled with that little extra something special. People are filled with the spirit of goodwill, an extra heaping measure of kindness, topped off with top-notch service, something as simple as someone holding the door for you. All of this brings warmth to your soul and you certainly want to pass it along. For some, family time means gathering with your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins at the homestead. The holidays are about tradition and honoring those who celebrated in a similar way decades ago. It is about love, honor and enjoying the warmth of the now and the memories of yesterday.

Though it sounds like a flawless holiday hoorah, we know the occasional pangs of stress loom overhead. So, let’s look at how you can prepare to head into the holiday season and the year ahead with a focus on sleep health and occasional stress support, sleep support supplements and optimal health.

Sleep and Immunity

There is undoubtedly a lot to juggle when preparing for the days ahead. Factoring in work, family responsibilities and taking care of your holiday to-do lists may leave little time for self-care. So, how can you place your health needs at the top of your must-do list?

First, evaluate where you are regarding your overall health. Check your health pulse – how’s your sleep, dietary intake, physical activity, and stress level? What’s your day like? Are you running late or going for a morning run? Whatever you answer, you know where you stand and what you must focus on.

Let’s start with your sleep health and a look at supplements that support the onset of sleep.

Whether you are traveling or not, establishing good sleep patterns is essential for supporting your immune system. Getting enough sleep and quality sleep are the two main points you must keep in mind.

Sleep is necessary for the health of all systems in your body. Certain cells are produced when you get a consistent good night’s sleep that helps to support your immune system. These cells are called hematopoietic stem cells, the building blocks of your body’s innate immune system.1,2

Did you realize that according to research, most adults should get between 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night? Perhaps that is a snap for you and you have a successful sleep routine, but what happens when you hit the road and face a change in your environment or even time zone changes? If you have ever experienced travel fatigue, you may want to prepare before facing any challenges. Remember you want to be well rested and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

So, if you are tired of tossing and turning and looking for support for that occasional sleeplessness, then the time-tested help of valerian, passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm and hops in Best-Rest Formula may calm and relax your central nervous system.

Studies show that valerian, valerian/lemon balm combinations and valerian/hops combinations support the onset of sleep and healthy sleep quality.3-5 Additional ingredients in this sleep supplement, such as melatonin, may help sleep onset and efficiency.6 This formula also contains two amino acids - gamma-aminobutyric acid (known as GABA) and l-theanine. Both of these amino acids act as neurotransmitters, promoting alpha wave production in the brain, which is an indication of relaxation7,8‡

A recent study indicated that GABA also supported healthy IgA levels (a key antibody), suggesting that it may also support immune health during occasional stress.9 Since adequate sleep and stress management go hand in hand, let’s look at ways to support our response to occasional stress.

Steering Clear of Stress

I knew that title would catch your eye – I mean, aren’t we all looking for that no stress life? Well, even though we cannot completely avoid stress, we can certainly look at ways to adopt a healthy way of living.

In addition to a great night’s sleep, did you know that some nutrients help us support stress's effects on healthy nutritional status, like B vitamins and magnesium?10 The B-vitamins play important roles in nearly all of the physiological systems in the body. Vitamin B5 is especially important for healthy adrenal gland function.11 Magnesium activates the enzymes in your body that are necessary for several physiological functions, including neuromuscular contractions, cardiac function and the regulation of the acid-alkaline balance in the body.12-15 Optimal magnesium intake is also associated with positive mood, lipid metabolism and lean body mass.16‡

Daily Stress Formula is a broad-spectrum formula designed to promote mental relaxation and regulate the effects of occasional stress and includes rhodiola, which may help to moderate mild fatigue and other effects of physical and mental stress.17,18 This formula also contains Eleutherococcus senticosus, or eleuthero, an adaptogen to help bolster adrenal function and stress resistance. Like ashwagandha, it helps with occasional stress, vitality and immune defense.19 Added chamomile and lemon balm in Best-Rest Formula provides traditional support for calmness and relaxation.20,21‡    

Taking time away from the crowd and the television may be wise. Take a walk outside and enjoy the outdoors. This can help free your mind of any stress-related events, leading to healthy behavior that supports a good night’s rest and maintains healthy stress hormones levels like cortisol. Meditate or practice some deep breathing and remember to enjoy your mini vacay!


Preparing for the holiday season may also be a great time to get a jump start on focusing on ways to support your immune health. Like the plant-based Mediterranean diet, a healthy diet can provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for optimal nutrition. Also, adding PureDefense with NAC travel pack before you hit the road is a great way to support immune function and upper respiratory health. 

So, if last-minute shopping, travel, or the stress of planning and preparing your family’s holiday sits on your plate, taking a deep breath to get organized can help take some stress off you. Rally the troops and don’t be afraid to ask for some help. After all, that’s what family is for!

Keep your lights low, put your electronic devices away and limit your TV time before you head to bed. Grab a cozy blanket, engage in great conversation and hearty laughter with your loved ones to decompress and reflect on your day. Putting the stress of travel, your to-do lists and other tasks behind you for tomorrow brings a new start, and from what you learned here, a great night’s sleep, sleep support supplements and even some meditation can help to support everyone’s sleep and overall health.

Pure Encapsulations® is here to walk alongside your health and wellness journey. Visit PureForYou.com if you need support finding what supplements may be right for your unique needs.  

Cheers to you and yours!

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