Immune Support Supplements & Travel with Confidence

What You’ll Learn: This blog focuses on convenient immune support supplements you can take with you on-the-go so you can help support your overall health and immune system and may help support your travel confidence.

The Journey Begins…
Has it hit you yet? No, I’m not talking about something physically hitting you or even this season’s bug. I’m talking about something more exciting, the Travel Bug! I know the feeling, when you are away from the comfort of your own home, there is so much going on, new experiences, new environments, that’s why it’s so helpful to make sure you have your immune support supplements conveniently packed away to help you travel with confidence. So, let’s talk about immune support supplements and some convenient ways you can bring them with you during your travels.

Your Travel Buddy: Vitamin C
I don’t know about you, but for me, when I was a kid, I didn’t know much about the wide variety of immune support supplements. What I did know was that whenever I was feeling a little “off,” my mom would always tell me to eat an orange for the extra Vitamin C. To this day, Vitamin C has remained popular as an immune-supporting compound.

  • Vitamin C is a dietary antioxidant that provides nutritional support for many physiological functions.1‡
  • Vitamin C may provide protection from reactive oxygen species released as part of a normal immune response. It also maintains healthy mast cell function and supports lymphocyte formation.2,3,4‡
  • It also supports the body's defense system by enhancing white blood cell function and activity, and by promoting interferon levels, antibody responses, and secretion of thymic hormones.5‡

What makes it even better, is you can take our Vitamin C on-the-go in a convenient gummy form that tastes like an orange, and enhanced with a berry and fruity blend. Now, if a gummy isn’t really your thing – that’s okay! It comes in a convenient chewable tablet form. Plus, our Vitamin C Chewables is formulated to be gentler on the stomach. Not to mention, these immune support supplements are a convenient grab and go item you can stuff in your purse, fanny pack, backpack so you can take your vitamin C while getting some vitamin Sea during your well-deserved travels (haha – see what I did there?)

Vitamin C Just Really Wants You to Have a Good Trip:
Vitamin C has the potential to be so helpful with its immune function benefits and antioxidant support that we include it in many of our unique formulations. For example, if you just love the convenience of our Pure Packs already, imagine the ease when traveling! All you need to do is grab a pack for the number of days you’re away – and there you go! Your supplements are already planned and ready to hit the road with you. Our Athletic Pure Pack contains 1,125mg of Vitamin C and that’s just one of the many Pure Packs we offer that include Vitamin C in it’s helpful formulation to support not only convenience, but immune support health.

Chasing that Sunshine:
What’s the other vitamin you may want to remember to pack in your travel bag? It’s Vitamin D, of course! If you haven’t already heard about Vitamin D and it’s important role in immune health, check out our Vitamin D blog. Now, here’s the beauty of our Men's and Women's Pure Pack: both offer 1,500 IU of Vitamin D! But, I get it, sometimes you don’t want to check a bag and you are relying on that carry-on to fit everything that you need. So, if you are looking to consolidate space in your toiletry bag, then maybe skip the his and hers pure packs and opt for our Ultra Pure Pack which contains 1,400 IU of Vitamin D3.

  • Vitamin D’s role in immune health has long been established. Vitamin D receptors are found in a number of immune cells, including lymphocytes and macrophages, maintaining healthy immune cell activation.6‡
  • Vitamin D, like those found in our Vitamin D Gummies, promotes cellular health, including support for breast, colon and prostate tissue, in part by helping to maintain healthy blood vessel function, supporting immune cell activity and maintaining healthy cell metabolism.6‡

So, just another reason not to forget those packs when you’re packing your suitcase for your next getaway. If you want something a little more specific and goes beyond offering Vitamin C, check our new Daily Pure Packs.

Travel with Confidence and Convenience:
In this day and age, travel has gotten more complicated, and I don’t just mean the flight delays or the cancellations, but also because of our awareness to the importance of supporting our immune systems while we travel. First, before we get into the immune support supplements, we need to understand the immune system.

  • Natural killer cells are part of the body’s innate, or first-line, immune response. They respond more quickly than the adaptive immune system comprised of B cells and T cells. Once activated, natural killer cell activity peaks in as quickly as several hours, providing rapid support and wide range immune defense.7‡
  • EpiCor® is found in our PureDefense with NAC, it is a fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae containing various bioactive metabolites. These nutrient metabolites are produced in a specialized fermentation process and support immune cell function. In one cellular study, EpiCor® promoted natural killer cell activation, as well as that of B cells and T cells, other important factors of the immune system.7‡
  • NAC (N-acetyl-l-cysteine) is a free radical scavenger and the respiratory tract. NAC is also a precursor to the antioxidant glutathione, and supplemental NAC increases tissue levels of glutathione. As fundamental components of the immune system, lymphocytes rely on glutathione to function properly. Tissues enhanced with glutathione support overall antioxidant protection and help to maintain a healthy immune response.8,9,10‡

Our PureDefense with NAC speaks for itself. Not to mention its convenient packaging allows you to slip the box in your carry-on. Now, I hear you loud and clear; I get a lot of questions about capsule tolerance. I’m here to tell you our PureDefense Chewables offer the benefits of EpiCor® in a convenient chewable form. But hey! If you just can’t get over the convenience of our pure packs, our Daily Pure Pack - Immune is another convenient way you may just want to support your immune system.

Discover Something New:
While you’re out adventuring, traveling and exploring new and unfamiliar areas, be sure to go beyond your comfort zone. You can prep for that before you even leave the house. Ever heard of Liposomal Vitamin C liquid? (I just can’t get over Vitamin C for immune support vitamins – can you tell)?

  • Liposomal Vitamin C Liquid offers vitamin C in an enhanced-absorption liposomal form to target immune and cellular health. Plus it offers essential vitamin C in a pleasant-tasting, citrus-flavored liquid that provides 1,000 mg of vitamin C per serving.

Go beyond the comfort of a chewable tablets or gummy, but rest easy knowing you still have the benefit of immune support supplements in a convenient liquid format. Plus, after your long trip you may just be exhausted and may need some sleep support to help catch some Zz’s. The good news, while your designated driver does the work, you can use our Sleep Solution which may help you doze off during the long journey back home.

It’s not the Destination, it’s the Journey:
Whether you’re traveling just down the road or halfway across the world, you now know the supplements available to you in convenient on-the-go forms to take with you during your travels. I know you want to take your next big adventure, believe me, I do too! So, why not support your immune system while you do?

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