Learn the Benefits of Zinc and What Elderberry is Good For

Answers to your questions about the benefits of zinc and elderberry

A strong immune system is essential for overall health and well-being. Although the body’s natural defenses are very complex, nutritional support doesn’t have to be. When it comes to supplements, zinc and elderberry are simple options that are safe and effective.1,2 ‡

Keep reading to learn the facts on zinc and elderberry, including the benefits of zinc and what elderberry is good for.

Before making changes to your diet, nutrition, and exercise routine, consult your healthcare practitioner. Always discuss any vitamin and mineral supplements you are taking or plan to take, since these may interact differently with medications and health conditions.

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What is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral that has numerous roles in your body, including keeping your immune system healthy. It is available in a range of foods and in supplement format.

Best food sources of zinc

Zinc is found in a wide range of foods including:2

  • Oysters (have more zinc per serving than any other food)
  • Beef and chicken
  • Seafood including crab and lobster
  • Legumes, seeds, and nuts including baked beans, pumpkin seeds, cashews, chickpeas, almonds, and kidney beans
  • Whole grains and fortified breakfast cereals
  • Dairy products including yogurt, milk, and cheese

It is useful to know that the phytates in grains, legumes, cereals, and other plant sources may limit the absorption of zinc.

Zinc is also available in supplement form as zinc capsules, chewables, gummies and liquid.

What is Elderberry?

Elderberry is the dark purple berry that grows on the black or European elder tree. This tree grows in warm areas of North America, Asia, Northern Africa, and Europe.3

Elderberry has a history of use in traditional medicine for supporting natural defenses.2 ‡

It is important to avoid eating raw unripe elderberries, elder leaves, or bark. These contain a toxic substance called sambunigrin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.3

Elderberry is a common ingredient in immune support supplements. While you can cook with elderberry, the best way to obtain an effective dose is with a supplement that provides a guaranteed amount. You can find elderberry in the following Pure Encapsulations products: Immune Support liquid, Daily Immune, PureDefense chewables and PureDefense w/ NAC travel pack.

What are the Benefits of Zinc?

The benefits of zinc include:

  • Supports the body’s natural defense system by promoting healthy neutrophil, natural killer cell, and T-lymphocyte function.2
  • Promotes collagen formation and healthy tissue development.
  • Supports metabolism of certain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients.
  • Promotes reproductive health and normal fetal development.2

It is important to note that your body cannot store significant amounts of zinc. So, it’s best to consume zinc daily, either through food or supplements.2

However, if you are pregnant or lactating, taking any other medication, or have any underlying health conditions, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking zinc supplements.

What is Elderberry Good For?

Elderberry has antioxidant and immune-supporting properties:1,3,4 ‡

  • Elderberries are rich in flavonols, phenolic acids, and anthocyanins which have well-known antioxidant properties. Anthocyanins are red and purple pigments that give berries their deep, vibrant color. These compounds can bind to free radicals produced during normal metabolic processes, protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • Elderberry has been found to support natural defenses and immune function in human and animal studies. In the last 30 years, over 140 peer-reviewed research papers and scholarly reviews have been published on elderberry. However, scientists have yet to define the exact mechanisms by which elderberry supports the immune system in humans. Elderberry is included in a range of immune support supplements, lozenges, syrups, chewable gummies, and capsules.

More research studies are required to investigate other health claims of elderberries, such as benefits to heart and brain health.4 ‡

If you are taking immunosuppressant medications, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements or products containing elderberry.

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