Nutrition and Men’s Health Supplements - What You Need to Know

Ensuring that you are receiving the optimal nutrients is the cornerstone of promoting your overall health. But this blog goes a few steps further to help address some questions you may have on how to support your prostate, cardiovascular, vision and hormone health by looking at men's health supplements.

Fielding the Questions

I've had numerous questions over the past several months about men's health issues and how these men could best support their health. They were not just general nutrition-related inquiries but rather had specific concerns on how to best support their cardiovascular, vision, prostate and hormone balance.

I did have some candid conversations with these gentlemen and their significant others about how they can better understand the role that men's health supplements play in their overall health and well-being and how they can achieve optimal nutrition.

Visually Speaking - Your Eye Health

From the moment we wake each morning until the time we lay our heads on our pillow at night, our eyes work as hard as any other organ to support us in our day-to-day tasks. I think we are learning as we evolve, that these precious gems need to be well taken care of so that they can continue to help us navigate life's journey. For the dads who take their first look at their beautiful newborn, to the elderly parent whose beautiful eyes have captured a lifetime of memories; you know your eye health is something you want to preserve.

But what about the daily demand on your eyes? Let's face it; you are always scrolling, snapping, typing and really racking up a lot of screen time. Spending a lot of time on your computer or cell can take a toll on your eye health. Research shows increased computer screen time is associated with increased eye fatigue and eye strain.1,2 Computer screens emit high-energy blue light that can affect eye tissue. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two important nutrients that selectively absorb high-energy blue light, as well as support immune function and cytokine balance in the eye.3,4‡

So, if your screen time is around 3+ hours each day you may want to check out ScreenProtect Gummy. It's a great-tasting nootropic blend gummy that supports visual function and mental endurance during extended computer use.

Eye Health - What Should You Focus On?

Starting early in life by eating a healthy diet can help support your overall health and may benefit your vision. You can start by taking a look at your plate. Does it offer variety?

If yes, is it enough? If no, then it's time to assess your intake. Focusing on adding some brightly-colored fruits and veggies on your plate may help to provide the key nutrients that you need to support not only your eyes, but your overall health.

A healthy diet rich in key nutrients like vitamins C, E, Beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and other antioxidants like catechins, along with omega-three fatty acids, are all essential to support eye health.3 But if your daily intake doesn't boast of color, then discussing with your healthcare provider the benefits of dietary supplements may be warranted.

How Supplementing Your Diet Can Be Beneficial

Taking men's health supplements could be beneficial to your overall nutrition plan and also promote your eye health. Pure Encapsulations® EyeProtect Basics contains clinically researched levels of bioavailable nutrients including key antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper, lutein, and zeaxanthin to support healthy vision and integrity of the eye.4 These nutrients are critical to help maintain the health of both the retina and the macula.5‡

Lutein/Zeaxanthin are the two major carotenoids stored in the macula, which is the central part of the retina. They support retinal health by promoting the integrity and density of the macular pigment, acting as antioxidants and light filters to protect the ocular tissue.6‡

Supporting Your Prostate Health

One of the most common questions about men's health supplements is, "What supplement should I consider for prostate health support?" Many of you are looking to better understand how nutrition may impact your prostate health. Of course, all of you have different needs, so touching base with your health care provider is always the first thing that is suggested.

Antioxidants and Other Nutrients

Considering a healthy diet that boast of antioxidants is a sure win. Choosing foods not only by color but fueling up on a variety of phytonutrients like those found in a plant-based diet can be beneficial for supporting prostate and overall health.7 Foods like whole grains, cruciferous vegetables (think broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts), onion and garlic, as well as green tea and tomatoes.8

Tomatoes are rich in a phytonutrient, called lycopene. It is this nutrient that not only lends to the deep beautiful red color of tomatoes, but it is a carotenoid (a type of antioxidant) that may provide prostate health support.9 Data from over 47,000 participants in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study suggested that tomato or lycopene intake was positively associated with prostate cell health.10‡

In another study involving 30 male subjects, supplementation with lycopene promoted healthy prostate function.11 A great men's health supplement is Pure Encapsulations®' Lycopene which provides a natural tomato extract rich in lycopene, various carotenoids, vitamin E and other important phytochemicals.

Other nutrients like pumpkin seed oil provide essential fatty acids and zinc, which are also important for prostate health.12 Nettle root, also known as stinging nettle, has demonstrated the ability to support healthy enzyme activity and maintain healthy hormone metabolism in prostate cells. You can find all of these in our Saw Palmetto Plus.13 In a multicenter study examining the effect of nettle root extract in over 5,000 individuals, the extract supported prostate health in the majority of subjects.14‡

It's a lot easier to take charge of your health when you use a curated selection of men's health supplements. Our Prostate Health Daily Pure Pack does exactly that! It includes: Beta-sitosterol, a plant-based ingredient to support prostate health, lycopene, which is backed by clinical studies to promote healthy prostate function and cardiovascular health and Saw Palmetto to support healthy testosterone metabolism, and specifically promote healthy urinary function.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Most of us know how important cardiovascular health support is but may not always know where to begin. Proper diet and exercise are a great place to start. Interestingly, there is research from a study involving ten European countries that revealed that the antioxidant properties of dietary lycopene supported cardiovascular health.15 So, if you are looking to balance your dietary intake and ensure that you get a daily dose of lycopene and other key nutrients, like green tea, selenium, vitamin D and zinc then Pure Encapsulations®' Men's Nutrients may be the men's health supplement that you may want to check out. This multivitamin/multimineral complex has special features like our Cardio Polyphenol Complex which supports cardiovascular health with polyphenols from pomegranate, red wine concentrate and grape seed extract.16-17‡

Men's Nutrients also helps maintain healthy prostate cells and enhances the integrity of the macula and retina.

Supporting Your Mind-Mood Balance

Like many men, you are working hard to balance family, work and some downtime for yourself. Stress is an unfortunate part of daily life, and you may get to that point where you want to find a men's health supplement that can support occasional mental and physical stress. A broad spectrum adaptogen called Rhodiola-rosea (also known as Golden root) helps support mental and physical stress. In supplement form, this flowering plant can also help to support your cardiovascular health.

It also promotes energy metabolism, including improved recovery time after a high intensity work out, like those weekly basketball games with the guys, or a night spent working out at the gym. As with all men's health supplements, it is recommended that you continue your conversations with your health care provider before you start any dietary supplements.

Another dietary supplement that promotes mental relaxation and moderates the effects of occasional stress is our Daily Stress Formula. It contains ashwagandha, which is known for promoting energy, vitality and immune defense.18 It also includes chamomile and lemon balm which provide traditional support for calmness and relaxation.19-20 Additional nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium play important roles in healthy stress responses.21‡

Men's Health Supplements - Next Steps

I encourage you to continue your quest for great health, both physically and mentally. Staying active and keeping your connections with your healthcare provider is part of every man's health and wellness model. As you know, there are so many factors that affect men's health, so it is a good idea check out that plant-based diet and some additional Men's Formulas in tandem with some robust conversations with your healthcare provider. Remember, it's the day-to-day healthy habits that will support long-term wellness for you!

With great intentions, purely for you!


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