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4 Super Ways to Ring in Your New Year's Resolutions All Year Long

What’s the Plan?

This is the year- I am making a change and sticking to it. How many times have we said this? I need to lose weight, save more, or even learn a new language. Whatever self-proclaimed statements we make seem to bind us to keeping our word, but does it last? Let’s think about that- change equals commitment, commitment means sticking to the agenda, and taking little steps can equal great success. One of the most popular resolutions for the new year revolves around improving health. Probably more than ever, we are looking at ways to feel better, keep our immune systems healthy, achieve a healthy weight or exercise more. Whatever your goals are, know that you are in charge of your health, and you got this! The changes you can make are powerful!

In this blog we will look at 4 ways you can oversee your health goals and champion the new you.

Set Goals

  • Reflect- What speaks from the heart? (Your Focus)
    Take a good look on the inside. What is that voice inside telling you? What is important to you and why? Decide if you want to try something new or hit the reset button from this past year. There is nothing wrong with looking back and picking up where you left off to continue to reach that goal. Actually, dusting off the goal you’ve been working on over the past year is great. Take a look-is it still a priority? How did it go, and where do you need to tweak things? The bottom line is, it should be something you really want to do, that you are interested in and something that will positively impact your health. Tap into your motivation.

  • Be Realistic. Ask yourself-Am I ready to make the changes necessary to do this now? If you are not sure you can commit now, well-no biggie, it’s common to be ambivalent. Recognize where you are and weigh out the pros and cons about the reasons you may or may not be ready to make this behavior change now. You don’t need to table them completely.

Stay Focused

  • Track your daily efforts, achievement and even failures. Keep your goals in sight! Try going back to basics-Use a good ol’ calendar or journal to scribble down your intake, thoughts and feelings. This is a tangible way to gauge your progress. You can also download an app to help you stay organized with your health goals.
  • Whatever you choose to monitor your daily progress, remember to be consistent! Realtime feedback yields the greatest way to fix things as you go along.
  • Stay motivated. Don’t worry about falling off the tracks. I’ll be honest, we are all afraid to fall, but that is part of the journey. Sometimes, we need to revisit our goals and our expectations at another time. Just stay positive and keep your health in the forefront.

Eat Well, Drink Well, Feel Great

  • Take a peek at your plate. Do you see the beauty of color or is it too brown and bland? Incorporating enough non starchy vegetables and fruits into your diet lends to a variety of great tastes, textures, fiber and a whole lot more! Grab some other complex carbohydrates too, like whole grains. Switch up the white rice for ancient grains like quinoa, black barley, or yummy brown rice. Looking for some plant-based protein? Grab a bowl and toss in some beans like black, lima, or northern. Choose other lean proteins, like tofu, trout, albacore tuna or salmon, skinless white meat of chicken, and other lean cuts of meat. Nuts, seeds, and olive or canola oils are smart ways to get some heart healthy fats in your diet. Definitely dairy- nonfat or low fat dairy, like yogurt are all part of the balance too. Get creative and keep experimenting. Did you know this is a good start to eating healthier, but if you are looking to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, then check out the tried-and-true plan below.

  • Adopting the Mediterranean Diet1 may be a good starting point for you. Not only does it tout savory foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids; it is associated with many health benefits that affect cardiometabolic health.2

  • Assess Your Health. Heavy duty to have this talk but taking steps towards proper dietary choices and physical activity are important for your health. Improving or maintaining a healthy weight may positively impact our blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism and overall cardiometabolic health. Sometimes, we may need a supplement to add to your daily regimen to help support our efforts.

  • Did you know that AdipoLean II may support healthy weight management and body composition? Yes! Let’s take a closer look at incredible health supporting benefits of AdipoLean II.

    • AdipoLean II is intended to be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise.
    • This weight management supplement is made with a blend of Ayurvedic herbal extracts to help support weight management†, along with lychee and green tea and both herbs have also been traditionally used to support healthy glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism.3 ‡
    • Having an open conversation with your healthcare provider about your health, your goals, and your options for managing your cardiometabolic health & metabolism is an essential part of a sound health and wellness plan.

Embrace Support

  • The ‘I can, and I will’ (empowerment). Being able to have someone to support you along the way is key! Sharing your goals with someone is important to help keep you accountable. You can pair up with a health coach, a group, or simply a friend to share what’s going on.

  • Formulate a Plan. We all need that additional support and guidance. Talk to your healthcare provider or Registered Dietitian about supplements that are designed to provide support for healthy appetite such as Pure Encapsulation’s CarbCrave Complex:
    • Moderates carbohydrate intake and helps lessen appetite
    • Helps to moderate appetite by supporting healthy brain chemistry & mood
    • Promotes healthful patterns of carbohydrate and energy intake
    • Helps reduce stress-related snacking of sweets

  • Enjoy your journey.
    • Here at Purely for You, we have you at the heart of what we do.
    • We’re on that journey too- working hard to empower you to make informed decisions when it comes to your health.
    • We’re committed to help make life a little bit easier, and a whole lot healthier!

    With great intentions - Purely for you.

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